A 33 page workbook designed to guide your child through
10 simple acts of service!

Included are instructions, printables, and reflection worksheets.

Only $1 per WEEK!
10 weeks of SUMMER
10 weeks of SERVICE

Summer is coming…and you know what that means.

A couple days of fun summer bliss.

And then IT happens!


It happens to all of us.

The rest of your summer days are spent being the idea generator.

  • How about this?
  • What about that?

We give them so many ideas to get them outside and away from the electronics. Sound familiar?

For just $1 per week your child will be able to complete ONE act of service each week throughout TEN weeks of summer.


Almost all of the materials are found in the workbook. There is a list of supplies at the beginning of the book. Most are common items such as scissors & markers.

Ages 3-7

Young children will enjoy these activities with help from an adult. Reflection worksheet questions would be great conversation starters over dinner that day.

Ages 8+

Should be able to complete these activities with minimal supervision. Detailed instructions are easy to follow to complete each act of service.

Your child will learn to identify needs in others.

Your child will be able to see others in a different light.

Your child's self worth will increase.

Your child will learn WHY they did what they did to serve another.

Your child will learn HOW to look for that need in the future.

Your child will learn HOW to expand each activity if desired.

I am excited to add “Summer of Service” to my families Summer this year! I seem to have a difficult time coming up with ideas for my kids to serve others. This makes it so easy for us. Everything is available for you to print, and the ideas are perfect for kids to enjoy. My 4 year old with be enjoying these 10 weeks of service as well. I can’t wait to start week one and help my kids see the needs of others, and ways that we can serve everyone around us. Thanks for providing us with the ideas of Service and activities to go along with each week!
This is just what I needed for the summer declarations of “I’m BORED!” I have 7 kids age 2 year old to teen. This well thought out ebook provides me with quick service activities that can be self directed or involve the whole family. The content is well worth the cost. I love the follow up questions that give my kids and me a chance to reflect on the benefits of service for both sides. Love this!!! ❤️ At the end of every Summer I ask the question…What was your favorite part of Summer? I am convinced that these service activities will be some of their favorites!!!

Don't wait until your kids say "I'M BORED!"